How was your Car Buying and Service Experience ?

Customer Happiness Meter has been inspired by Dubai’s vision to not only make Dubai the smartest city, but also the happiest city in the world. This is the first car buyer’s happiness meter in Middle East. The aim is to measure happiness level of car buyer from sales and after-sales service received during dealer visit. Also, this will support new car buyers to understand the most customer friendly auto dealers. Please Share your experience & let others know. Your recommendations can make a difference.

Sales Satisfaction

  • Overall Experience
  • Dealer facility
  • Sales Staff
  • Test Drive Invitation
  • Delivery Timing
  • Delivery Process
  • Vehicle Condition
  • Communication after Delivery

After Sales Satisfaction

  • Overall Experience
  • Services Initiation
  • Staff Knowledge & Behavior
  • In-Services Experience
  • Pick-up of vehicle
  • Service Quality
  • Service Cost
  • Vehicle Quality

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