Useful Tips and Tricks for Sand Driving

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Useful Tips and Tricks for Sand Driving

Luckily most of us rarely ever have to deal with soft sand, Some SUV owners use their vehicle for sports or recreational activities, for obvious reasons if the sand is dried and of fine consistency you will be going to have a hard time driving on it. So here are certain tips outlined for you for your next off-road adventure.


  •   Deflate before you start

Bleeding some amount of air from the wheels will reduce its pressure allowing more contact with the ground surface and spreading the weight of vehicle across more surface. First of all it will prevent the vehicle from sinking into the sand also it will increase the traction between. There are certain schools which will teach you how much deflation you will need for different terrain.


  •   Momentum is the key to get moving

Slower the momentum is, the more will be the push required to maintain forward motion and more the vehicle will keep on sinking. As you increase your speed the vehicle will start floating over the sand and it will be a lot easier to maintain its forward momentum.


  •   What if you get bogged

First is you must understand the fact that you are stuck, and keeping those wheels spinning are of no use it will make the situation worst. So Don't get irritated and take a moment to think.


  •   Don’t lose your chill and try deflating it some more

Reduce your tire pressure more than you already have. It will help your vehicle to float over sand which can help you out of this trouble. See if it works !!


  •   Go old school

Yeah the classic one, try to reverse it, usually the track you used would be solid enough to drive you out. If it doesn’t work at first attempt try to move it slowly back and forward again and again, this will make the sand compact and can help you getting out.


  •   Dig out your vehicle

Nothing works? Take out your shovel and dig a trench around your stuck wheel in the required direction. Keep in mind if it is too low clear the whole around axles or else it will hinder.


  •   Some Traction might work

If your vehicle is stuck on the beach sand try to cover some way with some amount of dry leaves or weed, It will provide more traction force between tires and surface, and Yeah you are good to go.


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