The 2,000hp Toyota Land Cruiser Voted World’s Fastest SUV

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The 2,000hp Toyota Land Cruiser Voted World’s Fastest SUV

The 2000 HP Toyota Land Cruiser made a debut in Las Vegas last year and caught multiple eyes. The 5.7-liter V8 engine has set a record of speed 230.02 mph. Toyota stated that the GPS-verified and video-documented drive of the Land Cruiser showed that the SUV ran out of the pavement, however, it can be expected to go even faster.


Garrett turbochargers, which are the size of a volleyball, are behind the exceptional horsepower that is capable of producing up to 55 PSI of boost. The V8 engine was maintained well in order to withstand the 2000 HP for setting the records. Even the aerodynamics and suspension were tailor-made to keep it stable at 200 mph. Going above the speed of 200 mph challenges vehicle’s aerodynamics and stability, thus to help the controllability the car sits lower to the pavement. This results in reducing the amount of turbulent air allowed to pass underneath, even the frame even received some massaging in order to maintain optimal suspension geometry and was narrowed by 3 inches to accommodate wider sports tires.



Test driver and Championship road racer Craig Stanton helped in setting-up the Land Cruiser and he is happy with the accomplishments and is super proud to say that Land Cruiser is the fastest SUV in the world.

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