Test Drive Review: 2017 Cadillac ATS Coupe The Fun-to-Drive Coupe

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Test Drive Review: 2017 Cadillac ATS Coupe The Fun-to-Drive Coupe


The 2017 Cadillac ATS Coupe is focused on performance and luxury, it offers the perfection of sports ride with style in full swing. Combining splendid performance and distinctive styling in a tidy package, it gives a great competition to its Japanese and European competitors. Interior has the CUE (Cadillac User Experience) as standard on the 8.0 -inch touchscreen featuring Apple Carplay and Android Auto for infotainment. With an array of distinguishable features, this car stands head-to-head with its competitors of BMW 4 Series Mercedes C350 Sport.





Aesthetically, ATS coupe has the beauty, unlike others, a svelte body with efficient engineering. Its stretched daytime running lights gives this car a distinct look. It is the lightest coupe in this segment with weight evenly divided over front and rear half. The front hood and rear trunk has got just-right proportions and overhangs.Though the hood is similar to the sedan. This model comes as standard with 18-inch wheels. The coupe gives away an immediate presence due to its innovative lighting and illuminating door handles along with obvious performance wheels and tires. ATS Coupe is also the first to get the new Cadillac logo.






Interiors of the ATS Coupe has been tastefully appointed which look great with a decent mix of sporty and luxury cues. Dashboard design looks nice and well sewed. It has the seatbelt pretensioners. Everything that looks metal is real metal like the paddle shift buttons are made of magnesium. Heads-up display on the windscreen which shows speed, FM channel, direction provides an advanced edge and a new level of comfort. Cadillac 8” CUE “Cadillac User Experience” system is faster and smoother. But the haptic touch surfaces are not as responsive as IPad. The models have standard wireless charging along with USB charging option. The menu hides while driving but pops up when you put your hands in front of the screen. The back seat like most coupe is a little cramped up, which is given in a coupe. Gauge panel could have been more detailed. They look nice but could have been better considering the competitors’. Considering the segment it is competing, memory steering wheel could also have been added.




Cadillac ATS Coupe comes with 3.6Liter / V6 engine which generates 335 Horsepower @ 6,800 rpm and  Torque of 386 Nm @ 5,300 rpm. The ATS Coupe comes with Rear Wheel Drive with 8 Speed Automatic Transmission. The driving dynamics have been left to do all the talking. It has a smooth engine. Magnesium pedal makes the car feel good and transmission is extremely responsive. The engine sounds awesome - It really roars on acceleration. This car really handles well and you can feel the feedback on the steering wheel which is an important element for an enjoyable driver experience. Feel on the car noticeably changes between Touring and Sports mode. If you are looking for a comfortable, seriously quick and luxurious coupe, then this is the car.      



ATS Coupe comes with a host of safety features providing an all-around protection cover with eight ultrasonic sensors, six radars, and two cameras. Safety is the most undeniable factor when it comes to driving a sports car. Cadillac has taken care of it to the most by surrounding the customers with safety - a high-strength steel safety cage, eight airbags, and Electronic Stability Control. One can count on the excellent handling of the car with indispensable features like Side Blind Zone and Lane Change Alerts, Forward Collision Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keep Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control. A great feature is of the front and rear automatic braking where the car automatically stops if a danger is detected.



ATS Coupe starts at approx. AED 176,000. This model has proved that you do not have to necessarily buy a German brand for an exceptional sports experience. ATS Coupe looks great, sounds great and has the best handling. Our advice will be that if you are looking for a coupe, then you must test drive this car.


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