Saudi Arabia Now Allows Women To Drive, A Huge Milestone Achieved By The Country

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Saudi Arabia Now Allows Women To Drive, A Huge Milestone Achieved By The Country


Tuesday 26/9/2017 had the happy news for the women of the Gulf Country of Saudi Arabia - they were finally allowed to drive. Saudi was the only nation in the world for the longest time to forbid women to drive.


The news was announced on the state television and simultaneously at a media event in Washington highlighting the damage done to kingdom’s reputation by not allowing the women to drive for the longest. Now, it is to be changed as the order will be implemented by June 2018.


After the news was announced, Twitter was flooded with tweets by people who are happy and celebrating the ‘victory’ of the women in Saudi Arabia.



There had been protests for many years for allowing women to drive, In June 2011 about 40 women had gotten behind the wheel and drove around the kingdom resulting in their arrest.


Saudi is still making progress as in 2013, King Abdullah appointed 30 women to the Shura council and again reaching a milestone two years later women were allowed to vote and run for the office.


Later on, the King’s successor King Salman ordered for government agencies to publish a list of services that women can access, without a male guardian. Also, ordered that employers provide women with transport. Also, a study showed that rate of women in the kingdom attending the college is higher than the men.



Further, this will be of a huge economic benefit as it would save a lot of money which was previously spent on hiring foreign drivers.


Women are more than happy with this advancement in the society as it another step towards their freedom.


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