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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars have presented a collection of seven highly-Bespoke Rolls-Royce cars inspired by and in homage to Founding Father of the United Arab Emirates, His Highness The Late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and his vision for the UAE.

Commissioned by Abu Dhabi Motors, the best Bespoke Rolls-Royce Dealer Worldwide, each of the seven vehicles has been customized to demonstrate different attributes representing the
country. The Wisdom Collection, which includes a Phantom VII, two Phantom Coupés, two Wraiths, a Ghost, and a Dawn were created at the home of Rolls-Royce in Goodwood, England, through a detailed year-long process involving elaborate Bespoke workmanship, after being conceptualized by Joseph Tayar, Rolls-Royce Brand Manager in Abu Dhabi Motors.

The Wisdom Phantom VII
Inspired by the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque pays tribute to the late President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Featuring the largest complex embroidery ever crafted by Rolls-Royce Motor Cars - comprising more than 390,000 stitches and 800 hours in the making - the vehicle was commissioned to remember the life of the visionary leader who led the formation of the United Arab Emirates in 1971. The visual inspiration for the car’s design brought to life in exquisite detail by Rolls-Royce’s Bespoke department, was the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, which was envisioned by Sheikh Zayed in his lifetime and completed after his passing.

The Two Phantom Coupés
The Phantom Coupé inspired by Qasr Al-Hosn Fort and the Phantom Drophead Coupé inspired by Desert Rose. The Qasr Al-Hosn Phantom Coupé is a specification that reflects the simple, elegance of the Qasr Al-Hosn Fort and its rich history. The second Phantom Coupé has been conceived to represent the beauty of the Desert Rose, a specification that reflects its tranquility and intricacy.

The Wraiths
The Falconry Wraith - commissioned to portray the essence of falconry - is the true symbolization of strength, authority, and power, represented by the falcon. Its wings symbolize protection, and its sharp, gripping talons symbolize despair at the cost of evildoers. The second Wraith represents the Sheikh Zayed Bridge - a specification that reflects the dramatic, flowing form of the Sheikh Zayed Bridge, including its bright illumination at night. The Royal Blue exterior and touches of Royal Blue interior echo the lights of the bridge and its unmistakable modern edge.

It reflects the historic and famous pearling tradition of the UAE; its interior and exterior exude a fresh crispness that mimics the marriage of the sea and pearls, with Blues and Whites that highlight the superb trimmings.

A grand reflection of the Ancient Trade routes, now retold in Rolls-Royce’s own language. This unique Bespoke Rolls-Royce Ghost in Sandstone exterior paint and upper tone in Andalusian White is complemented with coachline and motif in Gold color. The country’s theme is infused throughout; each vehicle in the collection featuring the embroidered logo “Hikmah” in Arabic Calligraphy - meaning Wisdom in Arabic - hand-stitched across the headrests and on the illuminated tread plates. A quote that reflects the wisdom of the late President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan is carefully adorned ahead of the front passenger, hand carved across each car marking ‘The Wisdom Collection’ a masterpiece. All scores and design details were carefully selected. Numerous exceptional features emphasize the attention-to- detail that Rolls-Royce Motor Cars customers expect, such as the custom exterior finish which features the coach line motifs representing each theme.

The Wisdom Collection brings yet another exclusive offer to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars; client base in the UAE’s Capital, which has made its representative dealership Abu Dhabi Motors the biggest and best Bespoke dealer in the world. Abu Dhabi Motors continues to offer its elite customers unique vehicles tailored to their personal preferences.

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