New Renault ZOE – most practical electric daily car arrives in Middle East

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New Renault ZOE – most practical electric daily car arrives in Middle East

It is not long ago that alternative fuel was a big talking point and most car manufacturers invested heavily in either hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell or electric technology. Renault is the one which focused on electric vehicles and Renault has been one of the big names to adopt and sell the technology early.


At a recent launch event held at lush green venue – Jumeirah Golf Estates, Renault Middle East announced the arrival of the new all-electric Renault ZOE (Zero Emission with Zero in between) Long Range model to the Middle East. Also, Renault showcased ZOE e-Sport concept at the launch event which is built on ZOE platform and converted into a racing car. The ZOE e-Sport concept accelerates from standstill to 100kph in 3.2 seconds.

The Launch of Renault ZOE is part of Renault’s ‘Drive The Future’ strategy – a six-year plan which will see the brand maintain its EV leadership with the introduction of eight new pure-electric vehicles and 12 new electrified models by 2022.

Renault ZOE is aimed at being practical, usable 5 door family hatchbacks with zero emission and low running cost. If you have not driven an electric vehicle, let us share our experience of driving the Renault ZOE. Behind the wheel, Renault ZOE is surprisingly reactive with instantaneous electric torque and feels much like a traditional combustion engine car. Wind and road noise is well suppressed giving it a major plus. The big benefit of an electric car is lack of gears which makes it smooth. Actually, it is fun to drive.




The latest version of Renault’s most popular 100% electric vehicle now boasts a record driving range of 300 Kilometres (real driving conditions) on a single charge – double the distance of the previous generation ZOE model.


Renault was the first car maker to introduce a 100% electric car to the Middle East and has since been blazing the trail for pure-electric, zero-emissions mobility in the region. The new model, launched this week, features Renault’s new Z.E. (zero emissions) 40 battery – a 41kWh unit delivering the longest driving range of any mass-market electric vehicle on sale today.



The ZOE is a compact 5-door city car. With sporty and dynamic styling you have to look closely to see the car is 100% electric. Its electric badge, Z.E. signature headlamps with daytime running lights and rear lights all feature subtle blue styling cues which proudly denote it’s zero emissions status. Charging the ZOE is easy using the cables provided and connecting to a power source via the socket cleverly positioned under the Renault badge on the ZOE’s bonnet.



Inside, the light and spacious cabin offers a comfortable and peaceful driving experience. A modern touch-screen center console provides a hub for an array of in-car features including climate control, multi-media music, and entertainment, and driving performance statistics. Rear leg room seems a bit tight for rear seat passengers, though it may be sufficient for a family with small kids.


The Renault ZOE is available for AED 129,900. The new incentives announced by Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, allow new EV buyers to charge their vehicles for free at Dewa-approved stations until 2019, access free designated green parking in Dubai, qualify for free electric vehicle registration and renewal fees, as well as, exemption from Salik’s tag fee and a licence plate sticker identifying the vehicle as an electric car.


The Renault ZOE makes it the best electric car as daily commuters in terms of practicality. It is the running cost which is a big bonus, especially for fleet cars.  


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