Mercedes Benz S-Class Sedan Launches for the Middle East

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Mercedes Benz S-Class Sedan Launches for the Middle East


Mercedes Benz is known for being an epitome of luxury, it is lavish and more than convenient. Once you are inside the cabin, you can feel the beauty of the infotainment screen, option buttons, and the toggles. The car is quite speedy with a great suspension, so you don’t really feel any bumps while driving. A smooth ride with premium comfort at its best.



The S-Class Sedan is newly updated and it celebrated its world premiere with extensive innovations at the Shanghai Auto Show. Some of the great highlights for this car are a set of Intelligent Drive features that take the autonomous driving game to another level and a new generation of Mercedes-Benz engines. The premium segment has the delight of comfort and wellness and the S-Class fulfills the need.



S-class has the aura of luxury and it oozes a great stance, the latest generation in the new S-Class is purely evident in the impressive quality of materials and workmanship. All models are fitted with a new grille: the models with six and eight-cylinder engines sport three twin louvers as well as vertical stripes with a high-gloss black finish.



Not just the new LED Intelligent Light System there is much more to the S-Class. The list of features includes three distinctive accents of light as an exclusive design element, as well as the newly redesigned sporty front bumper with pronounced air intakes. The new LED taillamps, putting an impression of crystal jewels, give a glow to the rear and ensure a characteristic design both by day and by night.



The tailpipes are framed by a chrome trim element, which spans the entire width of the vehicle. Two new 20" alloy wheels are also available. The models have a redesigned lower bumper section with an integrated visible tailpipe trim.





The interior is pretty amazing as it has two, new high-resolution displays, each with a screen diagonal of 12.3 inches. When looked at it seems that the two displays under one shared glass cover blend into a wide-screen cockpit; this central element consequently emphasizes the horizontal orientation of the interior design.

This wide-screen cockpit is very convenient as it contains a large display with virtual instruments that fall into the direct vision of the driver as well as a central display above the center console. The completely digital cockpit helps the driver to choose from three different display styles (Classic, Sport, and Progressive) and also configure the information and views relevant to them.



The newly redesigned S-Class has Touch Control Buttons on the steering wheel that respond to swiping motions like the screen of a smartphone and enables the driver to access and control the multimedia system without having to take their hands off the steering wheel.

The touchpad with the controller installed in the center console or Voice Control can be used to control the multimedia system. The Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC or standard cruise control is controlled through the steering wheel-mounted controls.

Materials inside the S-Class are of high-quality that include the two new natural grain ash wood trim offerings. The refined look and feel created through scrumptious attention to detail and craftsmanship are a Mercedes-Benz hallmark.

The carefully composed concept of material and color, and features a wide range of brown tones, including three new upholstery color combinations: Silk Beige/Deep-Sea Blue, Magma Grey/Espresso Brown and Mahogany/Silk Beige.



The options of choosing 64 colors for the energy-saving LED technology for interior lighting, the optionally extended ambient lighting provides for better individual preferences. Adding lighting elements on the trim elements, central display, stowage facility at the front of the center console, handle recesses, door pockets, in the front and rear footwells and on the overhead control panel when the vehicle is equipped with the Burmester® High-End 3D Surround Sound System.


World-first: wellness while driving

ENERGIZING Comfort is a world-first entering series production. This optional feature links various comfort systems in the vehicle together. It is so smart that functions such as climate control system (including fragrancing) and the seats (heater, ventilation, massage), the console heating as well as lighting and musical atmospheres are used systematically. Also, they enable a specific wellness set-up tailored to the mood and need of the driver. This enhances the physical comfort and performance both while driving and during breaks.



Each program runs for ten minutes and are visualized on the head unit with color graphics, and backed by suitable music. Five songs are already stored in the program. The key function in the "Vitality" program, for example, is fast and upbeat music. If personal music selections are available, for example via the Media Interface, the system analyzes them in the background and assigns them to a program based on the beats per minute (bpm). Also, specific functions of the programs can also be deactivated.

ENERGIZING Comfort also incorporates ambient lighting, which is harmoniously tailored to each of the individual screen designs. The light stages the interior like a work of art by composing color worlds from different colors.



In addition, the climate control system indicates whether the temperature is adjusted up or down through the color of the ambient lighting. The brightness of the LEDs adapts equally variable and set into five levels and four zones that include wide-screen cockpit, the area of front seats, rear compartment, and all lights.



The ambient lighting has the convenience of creating emotionally appealing contrasts and structures into levels. Enabling an avant-garde lighting scene with spectacular color changes are due to 64 colors, ten color worlds and three different lighting zones (footwells, trim element level, and wide-screen cockpit).



The S-Class model has a huge range of engines that includes the S450 and S450 4MATIC with a 3.0L V6 Biturbo engine that produces 362 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque.

The 4.0L V8 starts the line with 463 hp and 700 NM of torque in the Mercedes-Benz S560 and Mercedes-Maybach S560 4MATIC. The engine also has an economic edge as the new V8 Biturbo engine consumes about ten percent less fuel than the predecessor. The fuel consumption is lowered by the four cylinders of the new V8 that are removed from being active are all together under partial load with the help of the CAMTRONIC valve-lift adjustment system. Visible changes are reduction in gas-cycle losses and enhancing the overall efficiency of the four firing cylinders by shifting the operating point towards higher loads.

The best performance with importantly reduced fuel consumption, the Handcrafted-AMG 4.0L V8 Biturbo engine with cylinder deactivation replaces the previous 5.5L V8 Biturbo engine in the Mercedes-AMG S65. Despite less displacement, the new engine produces 603 hp.


Driver Assistance Systems

The S-Class takes another major step towards autonomous driving, elevating Mercedes-Benz Intelligent Drive to the next level. Providing more comfortable support for the driver and helping them to keep a safe distance and stay in the lane are the functions of Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC and Active Steering Assist. The speed is now adjusted automatically ahead of curves or intersections, which is complemented by a considerably improved Active Lane Change Assist and additional functions of Active Emergency Stop Assist.

Due to the enhanced camera and radar systems, the facelifted S-Class has an even better view of the surrounding traffic. Also, this is the first time that the car will use map and navigation data to calculate driving behavior. Proving that Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC is able to assist the driver in many situations based on the route, and conveniently adjust the vehicle speed accordingly.



The "Assistance Graphics" menu of the instrument panel shows the driver at one glance which assistance functions are selected and to what situations the systems are currently responding to. Distinctive icons give information on the screen also in the head-up display and all functions are now controlled from the steering wheel.

The car has more to offer than one can possibly mention if we just mention the new Driver Assistance Package, which is more advanced than ever it includes but is not limited to the following functions:

  • Resulting in markedly enhanced customer benefits is the noticeably improved throughout the entire performance range Active Steering Assist.
  • Active Lane Change Assist has also been considerably upgraded. It has become so convenient that just tapping the indicator stalk is all it takes to initiate a lane change. This lane change is executed within the next ten seconds and indicated in the instrument cluster with the appropriate visual display, in case the driver might have missed any vehicles in the relevant safety zones and if the vehicle sensor system fails to detect them.
  • Supporting the driver based on the route is the Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC that uses substantially more map and navigation data, also Active Speed Limit Assist is able to conveniently adjust the vehicle’s speed.
  • Active Emergency Stop Assist brakes the vehicle to a stop when Active Steering Assist is engaged and the system recognizes that the driver is not intervening in the driving process on a sustained basis.
  • Traffic Sign Assist which is helpful in recognising the posted speed limits is displayed in the current section of the route through image recognition and information from the digital road map of the navigation system. The vehicle speed is compared with the speed limit. A visual/ audible warning signal is issued any time the speed limit is exceeded, given that the driver has selected the appropriate settings.

The Mercedes-Benz flagship model has enjoyed the position of the best-selling luxury sedan in the world in 2016. Since 2013, the company has sold well over 300,000 sedans. Mercedes Benz is a tag that everybody likes to get associated with and the new S-class sets the bar even higher. The sweet melody of the splendid exterior and larger than life interior for a daily commute. This car is something to go for to suite a high-class executives image and in case, you are quite not there than this car is something to aspire for.


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