Insight: Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage and Geely X7 Sport

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Insight: Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage and Geely X7 Sport

SUV is much loved in this market and almost everyone wants one. However, the needs differs according to the budget and features required. From the costliest of options to the most reasonable ones, everyone gets covered. After our last comparison for the Japanese mid-size SUVs here we are with our latest comparison of compact SUVs. These are the Korean and Chinese brands namely Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson and Geely Emgrand X7 Sport. All these cars have similar body, engine size, performance and price range. Meeting the needs of similar customer base these cars are head-to-head when it comes to being a good value for money. For all those who are in a fix and can't decide upon which one of these babies they should own, they must go through the below list to have an idea. 

The numbers give out a distinctive verdict as in who is the winner. Here as we can see that Tucson and X7 Sport provide the best horsepower in 2WD being 154 and 153 hp whereas in 4WD it is Sportage with 181 hp. The better the horsepower, the better acceleration car will provide.
In the matter of Torque, the highest figures in 2WD is 22.94 kg-m for X7 Sport and 4WD Sportage is 24.2 kg-m.
Ground Clearance is more or less the same in all of them.
So far Sportage 4WD has the best figures and X7 Sport is just behind it.
For 2WD Tucson and X7 Sport are best for consideration.

In the competition of comfort there are many factors that affect the decision.
At a glance, Cruise Control is a feature available in all, which is a good thing as to providing ease on highways.
Height of the car, the bigger the better as it will result in better head room and X7 Sport has it the best in this comparison.
Width of a car is very important when it comes to having a spacious car Sportage is the widest here.
Navigation is another thing that helps in ease while driving as it directs you with the routes as you go through the bulky traffic, all of the above listed cars have it.
Power Tailgate is great when you have bulk of luggage on your hand and want convenience in opening the tailgate with just a push of a button, Sportage and Tucson have it, along with seat ventilation feature to effectively beat the heat.
X7 Sport AWD has the benefit of LED headlamps, which are fuel efficient.
Electric Parking Brakes are great as in the driver doesn't has to manually apply park brakes as it can be accomplished by touching a simple button, this functionality is available in Sportage 4WD and Tucson 4WD and X7 Sport.
All of these cars have these functionalities more or less, hence they are all step up in matter of comfort and conveniences.

Entertainment is a feature that everyone enjoys as it is good for long rides and facilitates in having a good time. All of these cars have 6 speakers.
Touch Screen Display is another feature that provides the modern day style and comfort, since everyone is used to touch screen accessibility.
X7 Sport is the clear winner with 8 inch screen.

Safety is the most important factor that makes for a reliable product and over here all the cars have notable ratings in the matter of safety. They are properly equipped with rear view camera and parking sensors to make an easy and safe parking.
Lane Departure Warning is another thing where the driver is aware of the vehicle moving out of its lane and this provides additional safety, X7 doesn't have it.
All of these cars have the same safety ratings more or less, however sportage 2WD has the least of them all.

All of the cars provide good warranty, now It depends on the consumer whether they are looking for mileage or duration. Best mileage (Unlimited) is provided by Tucson and Sportage warranty is better in terms of duration (5 Years).
Fuel efficiency is unbeatably provided the best by Sportage.







Hyundai Tucson All Grades

Kia Sportage All Grades

Geely mgrand X7 All Grades

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