Insight: Corolla vs Elantra vs Cerato vs Civic vs Sentra

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Insight: Corolla vs Elantra vs Cerato vs Civic vs Sentra

Small sedans fall in a segment of cars that is rapidly escalating in the sales market and customers are looking for it more. Car brands are trying their best to keep up with the needs of the user base - that mostly is the young drivers and fresh executives. These cars have easier handling and maintenance and are quite practical., they are mostly great for short drives.
In this huge market of choices and options we have listed down five most sought brands in the market that are - Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra, Kia Cerato, Honda Civic and Nissan Sentra. You can go through the analytical comparison below and have a quantitative and qualitative estimate and know your best bet.


Performance Comparison


As we see here that the options vary in each car on the basis of their engine sizes, the best output by an engine is 180 hp by Civic which is the 1.5 liter turbo engine. This is the sporty version of Civic. Now in 1.6 liter, it is Cerato with 128 hp and in 2 liter it is again Civic that takes the cake. 

The best Torque here is again of 1.5L turbo Civic that is 22.4 kg-m, in 1.6L it is Cerato with 16 kg-m and in 2.0L it is Elantra with 19.9 kg-m.
Now comes the Wheel size, for 1.6 L, 16 inch is highest that is available in Corolla, Elantra, and Civic. For 2 L it is 17 inches available in Cerato.
1.5 L turbo is again outstanding with its 17 inch wheels.
So far, the best of them is obviously Civic 1.5L turbo, which is a sport version. In 1.6L Cerato looks good and for 2.0 L Civic and Elantra look fine with highest hp and torque respectively.


Comfort Comparison


In the matter of height Sentra is the best providing for better headroom, for width Civic is good, it will have roomy interior.
DRL is missing in Corolla 1.6 liter, Elantra 2 liter and Sentra.
Cruise Control is missing in Sentra.
Folding seats provide bigger boot space are available in Corolla and Elantra 2 liter.
Power Mirror with Repeaters are not present in Corolla 2 liter engine, Cerato 2 liter engine and sentra 1.6 liter engine.
Sunroof is absent in Corolla 1.6 liter engine and Sentra 1.6 liter engine.
Push Button Start is absent in Corolla 1.6 liter and Elantra 1.6 liter.
Navigation is present in Elantra 2 liter and Civic 1.5 turbo.
Power Opening Tailgate is present only in Kia 1.6 liter engine.
Seat Ventilation is present in Elantra 2 liter engine.
Xenon Headlamps are another thing present in Elantra 2 liter engine and Sentra 1.8 liter engine Civic has LED in its 1.5 turbo engine.
Fog Lamps are absent in Sentra 1.6 liter engine.
Electric Parking Brakes and Remote Engine Starter are only present in Civic.
Leather Seats are only present in Elantra 2 liter and Cerato 1.6 and 2 liter, Civic 1.5 turbo and Sentra 1.8 liter engine cars.


Entertainment Comparison


Here as we see that maximum number of speakers are available in Nissan Sentra 1.8 liter and Toyota Corolla 2 liter.
Voice recognition is offered only by Civic.
Touch Screen Display is best in Elantra with 8 inches and second best is the Civic again which is 7 inches.


Safety Comparison


In the matter of warranty as it can be seen that it varies depending on what is the usage pattern. Here, Civic is undoubtedly the winner as it provides the best warranty in the matter of best mileage and years.
Best Fuel efficiency is of Civic 1.5l turbo and 1.6l and 2 liter.


Price Comparison



Verdict Comparison




Toyota Corolla Exterior FrontHyundai Elantra Exterior FrontKia Cerato FrontHonda Civic Exterior FrontNissan Sentra Front



Toyota Corolla Exterior SideHyundai Elantra Exterior SideKia Cerato Exterior SideHonda Civic Exterior SideNissan Sentra Side



Toyota Corolla Exterior RearHyundai Elantra Exterior RearKia Cerato Exterior RearHonda Civic Exterior RearNissan Sentra Rear



Toyota Corolla InteriorHyundai Elantra InteriorKia Cerato InteriorHonda Civic InteriorNissan Sentra Interior


Toyota Corolla All Grades

Hyundai Elantra All Grades

Kia Cerato All Grades

Honda Civic All Grades

Nissan Sentra All Grades


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