Insight: BMW 3 Series Vs Audi A4 Vs Mercedes-Benz C-Class

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Insight: BMW 3 Series Vs Audi A4 Vs Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Today we have brought comparison of UAE’s most popular European cars in the compact premium segment. In this segment we have compared Stylish Audi A4, Sporty BMW 3 Series and Elegant Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Though all these players are present in this market from quite a long with Audi A4 being the most recently refreshed model out of all. We have compared these major players on few set parameters for you to understand it more clearly.

Though looks are completely subjective and mostly depends on your personal preference but out of this lot for us Mercedes C-Class is the most elegant one, BMW 3 Series also has its own charm although it’s not been refreshed from quite a long but still looks does not disappoint its customers really. Audi A4 is one smart looking car and its optional S-line trim clearly determine its position in this market, but still it’s easy to mistake it with its previous generation model.

BMW 3 Series Front ExteriorAudi A4 Front ExteriorMercedes C Class Front Exterior

Side View
BMW 3 Series Side ExteriorAudi A4 Side ExteriorMercedes C Class Side Exterior

Rear View
BMW 3 Series Rear ExteriorAudi A4 Rear ExteriorMercedes C Class Rear Exterior

Mercedes C-Class has the most premium crafted interiors among all including features like touch pad control giving it the most up-to-date look and feel, use of the material quality for all the 3 car is completely upmarket and will provide you the most premium feel inside the cabin.

BMW 3 Series InteriorAudi A4 InteriorMercedes C Class Interior

On Performance Scale Audi A4 seems ahead in numbers with its 187.7HP and 32.63Kg-m of Torque, but is the only Front wheel drive out of all. BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class are almost similar in numbers and Drive Type, but with a different Transmission, BMW 3 Series has its 8 Speed Auto Transmission whereas Mercedes C-Class has 7-G Tronic+ Transmission. BMW 3 Series is the most fun to drive car among the three with good control and handling capabilities.


When it comes to space and room, Mercedes C-Class seems pretty spaced out with longest wheelbase and biggest Boot space, along with that Mercedes-Benz C-Class has shortest turning radius of just 5.6m in comparison to 5.85 and 5.8 of BMW 3Series and Audi A4 respectively.

Well on the parameter of safety all 3 cars seems pretty decent with overall rating of 5 Stars and loaded with necessary safety features in this segment like rear-view camera and parking sensors.

In terms of warranty BMW makes a lot of sense in this region with warranty of 6 years / 200,000 Kms, whereas both Audi and Mercedes offers Unlimited Kilometres Warranty but Audi offers it for 5Yrs and Mercedes offers for just 3Yrs.
Audi A4 is the most fuel efficient vehicle out of the lot with 20.4 Km/L mileage and Mercedes C-Class is the least fuel efficient with just 18.1Km/L mileage.

VERDICTIt totally depends on what you are looking for, keeping in mind overall Practicality, Cost and Fuel Efficiency, Audi A4 clearly is the winner if you are looking for these attributes, if you are looking a car for drive experience, a car good to handle and steer around, BMW 3 Series is your car with the best transmission among all, and if you need a balanced ride with performance and elegance its C-Class for you.

BMW 3 Series Grades and Specs

Audi A4 Grades and Specs

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Grades and Specs

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