Innovative Safety Features to consider for your next car

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Innovative Safety Features to consider for your next car

Let me give u a scary thought to catch, say you are driving your car and you take a glance at your phone, suddenly a vehicle ahead applies brake and… spine-chilling isn’t it. What if your car can brake itself automatically, sounds lifesaving right? But in this era this technological idea is not hypothetical anymore, it exists and is among several technological advancements present right now, we can consider them technological breakthrough in terms of safer car rides.

Here is an overview of several of these lifesaving features to consider for your next car.


  • Adaptive Cruise Control- This is an advance crash avoidance system which incorporates a forward radar type sensor and a camera to monitor the distance from the forward moving vehicle, and system will automatically reduce its speed to slow down the vehicle in traffic in order to maintain proper distance with forward vehicle without any assistance from the vehicle. It catches up the preset speed again when lane clears up. Cool is'nt it ?



  • Forward Collision System- This is a pre-crash system employing those same forward radar sensors which reciprocates a warning for the driver when vehicle is getting too close to something ahead to get his attention towards that object.



  • Autonomous Braking- Now a days road are full of distracted drivers, Collision Mitigation Braking System or Autonomous Braking System prevent collision by providing warnings if vehicle is approaching towards a slower moving vehicle and even these systems are able to brake automatically in order to prevent a crash in case driver does not respond to the warning system, these combinations are most effective.



  • Blind Spot Detection (BSD) - This system monitors the Blind zone by the help of radar sensors for any approaching vehicle by your side in order to prevent any crash while changing lanes or overtaking vehicles on speedways, it delivers a warning for the driver if some other vehicle is coming from behind, even some systems can brake and can steer the vehicle to other direction if driver has overloooked the warning.




  • Lane Departure Warning- This system monitors the lane markings on the road and analyze if vehicle is moving in a confined lane, if driver is taking his vehicle out of the lane this system deploys the waring in form of vibrations and audible warnings, some upgraded systems can also maneuver and bring the vehicle to that lane back.



  • Electronic Stability Control- Electronic Stability Control is designed to assist drivers in maintaining the control of their vehicle during extreme steering maneuvers, it cool feature basically senses fishtailing when vehicle is starting to spin out or plow out, and it automatically applies brake for the related wheel which is intended to reduce the risk of crash in case vehicle gets out of control.


  • Traction Control- Traction control system improves vehicle stability by manipulating ABS system and restraining the amount of drive wheels can slip when throttle is provided, it basically adjusts the power output from the engine, while in several systems it exert braking force on the individual wheel during acceleration. This system is really effective in keeping vehicle on track while taking steep curves and turns.



  • Brake Assist- This system works by diagnosing the speed or pressure by which brake pedals has been pressed and boosts the braking force as required. Effective in case of Emergency Braking conditions.



  • Adaptive Headlights- Like this name suggests headlights can adapt itself with the direction and angle of vehicle, headlights can tilt to move the beam of light towards the required direction where the Steering is turned for, this technology allows driver to see better as curves and corners are illuminated better, travelling on a curved path and is surprisingly effective with its performance as the claims fell as much as 10 percent with adaptive headlights.



  • Antilock Brake System (ABS) - Though this feature is pretty common now a days in new vehicles but it is important to mention for its effectiveness. This system prevents vehicle wheels from locking in case of panic braking allowing driver to have a better steering control over the vehicle. Although it does not guarantee to avoid crash so usually it is integrated with other systems like Traction control system to make it function better.



  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)- This system makes regular check on your car tires easy as zip, this system keeps an eye on your tyre pressure all the time and prompts a message or warning signal on the screen if a tire is having low pressure inside, it makes your life easier. You can easily avoid all troubles and you will get better mileage with proper tire pressure, and no more kicks on car tires too.




  • Electric Parking Brakes (EPB)- This Electronic Parking Brake is really a cool feature when it comes to convenience and space. This is as simple as a ON/OFF switch, not just that even it saves you a lot of space in your cabin plus less failure chances then a meachanical lever. So no more fuss with levers.




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