Importance of tire checks during Dubai summer

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Importance of tire checks during Dubai summer

With the temperature on the rise, there are more and more cases of tire bursts on Dubai roads. Tire bursts on busy highways can cause major accidents. It is very important to get your tires checked especially during summer to prevent danger on the roads. A few of the reasons why tires burst during the summer include:

  1. Worn out tires – Tires tend to get worn out due to over use. Drivers who travel longer distances must be cautious and ensure that tires are replaced every 2 years or 60,000 kms.
  2. Over Inflated Tires – Another major cause for tire blowouts is over inflated tires. The tire air pressure is dependent on the vehicle size, vehicle load, and tire size.
  3. Heat – The surface temperature on roads are higher during summer. Due to increased friction, high-speed driving, frequent braking during high temperature months can cause tires to heat up and result in a blowout. You can reduce the chances of tire bursts by slowing down on highways and whilst taking curves. Besides this, heat also tends to increase the air pressure in vehicles resulting in over inflated tires. However, excessive heat on tires especially worn out and old tires to burst even in careful driving.
  4. Suspension If the suspension of the vehicle is bad, it will have an adverse effect on the tires. It is important to follow regular service checks for your vehicle to ensure preventive care. Regular service checks can help increase the life span of the tires.
  5. Vibration – If you sense vibration in your vehicle when travelling above 80kms, it is time to get the balancing of your vehicle checked. This helps to increase the lifespan of your tires.
  6. Tire Alignment – If you feel that your vehicle is drifting to either left or right size without steering, it shows that the alignment of the tires is weak. This needs to be checked for preventive tire care.


Tip: the best time to check tires is in the morning when the vehicle has been idle for over two hours. The readings are more accurate when the vehicle has not been exposed to the sun or


How do I know if I need to do a tire check?

Tires get worn on over time depending on the distance run by the vehicle. It is important to get your tires checks regularly in summer. For drivers who travel long distances every day especially on highways, it is recommended to check the tires every two weeks in the summer months. There are quite a few reasons why the tires get worn out. A few include:

  1. Thread wear – The thread of the tires tends to get flattened due to over use. It is important to check the depth of the thread wear to see if it has flattened close to the tires. This could result in tire bursts.
  2. Cracks – Tires have a tough job. In addition to bearing the weight of the vehicle, rolling hundreds of kilometers, tires are exposed to harsh conditions including heat, chemicals and rough surfaces. Over time, elasticity of the rubber reduces resulting in surface cracks. So, check for visible cracks on your tires!
  3. Tire Bulge - In Dubai, it is common for drivers to hit on road bumps or side pavements during sharp turns. This could result in bulges or bumps on tires which in turn could cause tire bursts. Regular tire checks can help evaluate if the tires are safe or not.


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