Honda Plans for Introduction of Level 4 Automated Driving Capability by 2025

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Honda Plans for Introduction of Level 4 Automated Driving Capability by 2025

Honda is preparing full-scale for its 2025 goal of the introduction of vehicles with highly-automated driving capability in most driving situations (SAE Level 4). The SAE is a high driving capability that defines automated driving based on six levels of capability, from zero to five. SAE Level 4 or "high automation" means the vehicle can handle all driving tasks in most driving situations, with possible exceptions including inclement weather conditions or unusual driving environments, where the driver will have to be alert and take control.


Honda has already been building advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies in Honda and Acura vehicles on the road today, through its features of Honda Sensing® and AcuraWatch™, which have proven to be the technological bridge to the highly-automated vehicles the future. Many more technologies that include autonomous emergency braking (AEB) via the Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS™), Lane Keeping Assist (LKAS), Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) are already on the roads in Honda cars.


Tests were conducted to demonstrate the capability for automated driving system utilization on a multi-lane freeway in the presence of traffic on a closed test course using a vehicle equipped with an advanced suite of sensors. The test vehicle utilizes an advanced sensor package which includes multiple cameras, as well as five LiDAR and five radar sensors.
Also, a second test was carried out simulating a common urban driving experience. The test vehicle utilized latest generation of Honda artificial intelligence (AI) with Deep Learning capability. Equipped with camera sensors only and no LIDAR or GPS, Honda's AI with Deep Learning can sense and respond to complex driving environments and situations, such as roads without proper lane markings. A highly intelligent system that is capable of detecting pedestrians and bicyclists at night with only partial visibility, and through the accumulation of experience, using advanced AI, the system can improve its ability to predict an outcome and take appropriate action.

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