He can make Bikes Out Of scrap Metal

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He can make Bikes Out Of scrap Metal

“Where there is a will, there is a way” - Always fascinated by bikes, yet too young to own one, this young lad decided to draw one for himself. And so he started to paint and to sketch. Soon, it became hobby and hobby turned to passion and everything around became an inspiration to paint for him. Deval Verma, a scrap metal artist comes far way from Indore, India to Dubai with creative ingenious work of art.

TV shows taught new techniques and he moved ahead with the hobby, it was there that he came across this idea of making best out of waste. The journey started with exploring this new interest and the further he got in the more he fell in love with it.

“Using Feviquick as the adhesive, I made my first miniature bike”

An engineering student whose new found best friends were nuts and bolts. Finding a supply store nearby that generated a lot of scrap metal was like a blessing in disguise as it gave him a lot of supply to experiment.

India is a land of gods and the god of great beginnings is Ganesha. Ganesh Chaturthi has always been celebrate with vibrant colors in every neighborhood in India. This gave Deval an innovative idea to fabricate an idol to express my love for Ganesh. He wanted to make something that would last for an eternity just like his love for the deity, and so he decided to mould metal into Ganesha’s shape with the help of m-seal. Deval earned a lot of praise and appreciation for his work.

Watershed moment - Then came the most important event of his life

During the final year of Mechanical Engineering, being chosen as the head of fabrication team for BAJA (the annual dirt race) was a great opportunity. He was responsible to fabricate a new car, right from scratch. It was there that he came across welding as a technique to merge two metal. This was his first experience with a welding machine and he did quite a good job with it. It was then he decided to turn his hobby into a career.

The passion for bikes made him approach the new Harley Davidson showroom in Indore.

He offered to make their logo just so as to express his fondness towards Harleys. Within a month he had fabricated their logo using nuts and bolts. The response and the feedback he received was and still is incomparable. This was the first big break, he later went on to design various other products for Harley Davidson Indore and other outlets around the country. The journey began with the fascination of bikes, and no wonder bikes gave him FIRST BIG BREAK!

The world definitely is an intricate nexus, one meeting with Harley Davidson; enabled many clients to witness and appreciate his work. Approached by Harley Davidson Jaipur, who were in need for an artwork that would complement their showroom. Later on, he got to work for Café Torque, New Delhi; where he designed the world map and some more spaces.


From Delhi To Dubai

Now his passion has brought him to Dubai and he is here to complete his 2 projects and with few famous sculpture like Guitars. Deval has Launched his UAE office with his mentor Sameer Sharma for few projects and also he has launched his website www.metalart.ae . He is with the perfect plan to leave Dubai in an awe with his passionate work.  


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