General Motors Accused of Cheating on Diesel Truck Emissions Test

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General Motors Accused of Cheating on Diesel Truck Emissions Test

General Motors was accused in a lawsuit on Thursday of rigging hundreds of diesel trucks with devices to ensure they pass emission tests. People who own or lease more than 705,000 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups fitted with “Duramax” engines from the 2011 to 2016 model years are covered by the lawsuit.

It is being said that to ensure that the trucks met the federal and state emission standards GM used at least three “defeat devices” even though they generated more pollution in real world driving. The complaint was filed in the federal court in Detroit.


GM has denied all the accusations so far and claims that the trucks comply with US Environmental Protection Agency emission standards as well as California’s tough emission standards.

The lawsuit claims violations of racketeering and consumer protection laws, which if proved to be true will cost GM big time as it seeks remedies of possible refunds, restitution for lost resale value, and punitive damages.

This lawsuit added up to the legal problems for GM, which has already paid 2.5 billion dollars in penalties and settlements over faulty ignition switches that were linked to 124 deaths.


GM shares were down 74 percent at $32.46 in the US market. It was estimated one-eighth of GM’s full-size pickups have a diesel engine and it is said that the negative publicity could drive prospective buyers towards Ford or Fiat’s Ram.

The lawsuit also stated that the “on-road” emissions tests carried out for the plaintiffs showed the result that Duramax-engined trucks emitted nitrogen-oxide pollutants two to five times higher than allowed and “many times” higher than the gasoline-engined trucks. 

Modifying the engines to meet the emission standards would have meant a reduction in performance, horsepower and fuel economy. All these points were mentioned in 184-page long complaint.


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