Geely Emgrand X7 Sport is an eye-catching and good value SUV versus the Koreans

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Geely Emgrand X7 Sport is an eye-catching and good value SUV versus the Koreans

Geely has been present in this Middle East market for over 2 years now and has been trying to make its presence felt, now this Chinese manufacturer has come up with its new player Geely Emgrand X7 Sport to make this presence more appealing, we are sure some of you do not consider Chinese brand yet as the key automobile player. But after experiencing Geely Emgrand X7 Sport Test Drive, we firmly believe that things are changing at a rapid pace than for the Koreans in 90’s. It’s surely is a change of times. A bold, confident and aggressive Geely – company that owns Volvo, is no longer on the back foot and is, in fact making deep inroads into the upper reaches of the market which once eluded it. Also, the timing of the Emgrand X7 Sport launch is perfect where car buyers are looking for a more value to the amount spent. The X7 Sport also neatly fills the gap for the SUV craze, which is showing no signs of cooling off. Arguably the car that has done the most to change Geely’s brand image, the Emgrand X7 Sport showed Geely could make attractive, stylish and great value cars all backed up by a 4 year warranty.

Special Middle East Measures
Geely executives know the Middle Eastern car buyer’s driving choice which made them introduce 2.4L Naturally Aspirated CVVT Engine with 6 Speed Tiptronic versus Chinese version which has 2.0L M/T and 1.8 Turbo engine with 6 speed DSI A/T. Also, Middle East version has been tested for over 80,000 KM in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in several conditions like local traffic and mountainous terrains including special calibration to meet local driving style with additional Sport mode. To meet the extreme climatic conditions, Geely developed special cooling and A/C system. The Geely SUV also meet the GSO & SASO certification as Gulf requirement.

Test Drive Performance
Before we could start Test Drive, Geely executive asked us to carry out a blind test whereby we had to touch & feel the car quality utilizing tactile signals only. This was an interesting way to understand the vehicle quality by only touch & feel with blindfolded eyes. Clearly, Geely Emgrand X7 Sport was the winner compared to competitor models.

Geely Emgrand X7 Sport test drive was organized from Muscat to Jabal Akhdar which is part of Al Hajr Mountains in Oman, with highest point at 9,800 feet above sea level, made us think seriously about Geely. We drove the car from Muscat to around 200 Kms to reach the highest point in Oman and the whole of eastern Arabia. 

Geely Emgrand X7 Sport is by no means a boring car to drive. Its combination of quick steering, supple ride and decent body control means the X7 Sport is one of the best value cars in its class. 


The overall ambience of Geely X7 Sport cabin is pleasant enough. A quiet and comfortable cabin earns our praise. With plenty of front and rear space, as well as low engine noise audible from inside, the SUV should satisfy drivers and passengers alike. Dashboard layout and easy-to-use controls is also pleasing. You’ll likely appreciate the Emgrand X7 Sport’s safety features. The SUV is also equipped with a panoramic sunroof that offers a broader view. However, the cover underneath and the infotainment screen could have been better. This model is equipped with Dual-zone air conditioner and will cool you off in a reasonable time frame to make you happy. If you are the one who like leather, then X7 Sport has the option of Tan color Nappa leather.  



Emgrand X7 Sport design language has been inspired by Peter Horbury and his team in Gothenburg, Sweden. The SUV’s association with the term 'Sport' is not just in its name, but in its sporting design too. This model is comparable in size to the Honda CR-V & Toyota RAV4. 



No doubt, compact SUV is a competitive segment but interestingly, the Emgrand X7 Sport has found a sliver of the SUV market with the price range from AED 60,000 to 80,000 band. Expect a change of heart after test drive of the New Geely Emgrand X7 Sport. For detailed grade wise comparison, please click


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