Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 : All The Best You Can Get

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Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 : All The Best You Can Get

A perfect engineering, ravishing beauty and intelligent technology the combination of these three create what we call a marvel of the modern world. Frankfurt Motor Show is true heaven for every motor head. The display of the automobiles of coming tomorrow is always a pleasure to the mind, basically, a peek into how our future would look like, which I must say looks tempting.

Every big name and brand was there to show what they have got that is innovative and futuristic and they didn’t fail to amuse the crowd for sure. Read on for the list of the names that were there with their best bets.





Everyone who aims high and dreams big aspires to own this car because known for its astounding speed and unbeatable technology Bugatti is definitely a boss. Bugatti Chiron was the centre of attention as it just set a production record for accelerating from 0-249 mph (400kmh) and back to zero in just a marvellous 42 seconds. True excellence and the car got all the hype that it deserves at the show.





Audi presented Audi R8 V10 RWS, a brand new version of the R8 sports car. The name is pretty specific as it gives away the information that the car is a rear wheel drive and has a V10 engine, this is unique for this model itself. With a 50 kg lighter than the outgoing model, only 999 models of this will be ever produced.

The other model that Audi flaunted was the Aicon - a concept car, which has no pedals or steering wheel instead it will cart around passengers in fully autonomous fashion.





BMW i Vision Dynamics, BMW’s new concept car an all-electric vehicle that is somewhere between the BMW i3 and BMW i8. There is no word on whether this will become a production model or not, however, the brand has put in quite a work in the model. The model exhibits a range of 600 km along with managing a top speed of 200 kmh, also can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmh in just a matter of 4 seconds.  





Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Executive that has a power of 680 hp and is pretty long. Talking about its performance it goes 0 to 100 kmh in just 3.5 seconds and the best speed of the car is 310 kmh.





Bentley was screaming luxury performance car at the motor show with its continental GT, which is in its third generation. A supercar that will hit the roads by 2018, it has an output of 626 bhp and goes 0-60mph in a duration of 3.6 seconds. It has the top speed of 207 mph.





The carmaker came all set with its grand announcement of the Jaguar eTrophy, an all-new electric series to support the core FIA Formula E championship. Made exclusively for the first electric race series that is to begin in late 2018. Jaguar has revealed that a modified electric motor that will be known as Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy is being developed by Special Vehicle Operations unit in the UK.





The company was present at the motor show with its futuristic approach with the Mégane RS, a new version of standard Megane. A four-wheel steering and an engine that gives 280 hp with 390 nm of torque also, 11% efficiency improvement as compared to the previous model. Also, Renault had a concept car known as Symbioz concept - the approach of the vehicle is very futuristic. A completely autonomous and electric drive that won’t have the hassle of driving and will interact with the environment around it.


Land Rover



The Land Rover Discovery SVX is one of the most extreme versions of Land Rover families. A great 5.0-liter supercharged V8 petrol powertrain giving a 525 hp was a hype at the motor show. All terrain tyres and a ground clearance that is even better than the Land Rover Discovery 2017. Another plus point this car has that it was developed by the Special Vehicle Operations team that was behind the 200mph Jaguar F-Type SVR.





Honda Urban EV Concept has the look and feels inspired by the product design rather than the styling. It has a lot of surface entertainment. The Honda boss says that the Urban EV previews brand new EV platform from the company, a production version of which will be on sale in Europe in 2019.


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