European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) Provides BORGWARD BX7 SUV with Quality Certification

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European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) Provides BORGWARD BX7 SUV with Quality Certification

The BX7 SUV one of the first new models of the BORGWARD Group AG to be launched in the GCC is granted the European Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) certificate.

WVTA is believed to be the strictest certification system that stands on the grounds of the European Economic Commission Regulations and European Union Directives and Regulations. Testing is part of a well thought out strategy by BORGWARD ahead of their expansion plans into the Middle East.


“In truth, the BX7 not only has advanced technology but in its development and production process has undergone rigorous testing that is now verified with WVTA certification, generally considered as one of the most comprehensive tests for vehicles globally and a strong guarantee of the vehicle quality. The BX7 is now ready for the discerning customers in the Middle East, who are known for their desire and preference for the highest standards in performance, safety, and luxury", said Dr. Tilo Schweers, Head of Development of BORGWARD Group AG.


The checking was done rigorously within the parameters of sound levels, emissions, diesel smoke, fuel consumption, engine power, diesel emissions and air conditioning BX7 proved its quality on all of the parameters. Coming from the heart of German technology and craftsmanship, the heritage of BORGWARD serves as an assurance for BX7’s high quality to meet various strict standards, that is also conducive to the Middle East market.


The BX7 has the prominent features of a powerful turbo engine with low fuel consumption. The joint effort of BORGWARD and top global partners including Bosch, FEV, and IHI - 2.0T TGDI (Turbo Gasoline Direct Injection) with an advanced direct injection system and sophisticated cylinder processing technology. The BX7 has a multi-layered assortment of safety features, is made by 1500 Mpa ultra-high strength steel that meets the Euro NCAP 5-Star Standards, and includes remote monitoring and complete protection.


The BORGWARD BX7 came with flying colors in the Euro 6 Real Driving Emissions (RDE) test, a mandatory requirement in the E.U. The Euro 6 emission standard, the toughest standard yet, tightens emissions limits and has been implemented in the E.U. to eliminate most exhaust pollutants.


Middle East drivers will get the benefit of the several additional safety features later this year in the BX7 including 6 SRS airbags, stability control, electric differential lock, tire pressure monitoring system, fatigue detection and blind spot detection; all of which have been developed using the stringent standards originating from this German brand.


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