Cool Intelligent Vehicle Technologies at 2017 Consumer Electronic Show, Las Vegas

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Cool Intelligent Vehicle Technologies at 2017 Consumer Electronic Show, Las Vegas

2017 Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show has showcased few Amazingly Cool Technologies that can change the way we deal day to day with our Vehicles, So Let's take a glance at some of the Coolest Products introduced this time by these Tech Giants at Las Vegas.


Honda introduced self-balancing Ride Assist motorcycle. Using research from the automaker's UniCub mobility scooter and Asimo robot, the bike stays upright on its own without any help from the rider. It's a potential game-changer in terms of safety: Anything that keeps riders from tipping while preserving the thrill of cruising on two wheels is a spectacular invention indeed.


NISSAN SAM (Seamless Autonomous Mobility)

Nissan plans to launch a system it calls Seamless Autonomous Mobility. It's a workaround solution for what to do when the first generation of true autonomous cars encounter situations they may not be able to handle. Its autonomous cars would be linked to a command center. If the car encounters a problem -- say, a roadblock where police are using hand signals to reroute cars over double yellow lines -- the car pulls over and signals to the command center that it needs help.


TOYOTA Concept-i
Toyota introduced the Concept-i with its own artificial intelligence agent, called Yui. And because Yui is an AI agent it will learn about your habits and can even communicate using in-car lighting, sound and touch. This isn't just a question-and-answer voice assistant.




Hyundai revealed its ‘Mobility Vision’ concept that, in the future, will connect autonomous cars to living and working environments. Hyundai Motor’s Smart House technology blurs the line between

mobility and living and working space, integrating the car into the daily lives of users.

The Smart House concept of Hyundai Motor’s plans for ‘Mobility Vision’, which places Connected Car technologies at the center of the home. It suggests how the car could shed the image of a conventional vehicle, integrating itself with the living space when docked, before becoming a mobile living space when customers need to move around. When not traveling, it enables customers to continue living without interruption by integrating its functionalities with the home. The new concept combines the comfort, convenience and connectivity features of the car and the home into ‘one space’.


BMW HoloActive Touch system
BMW showed off a new in-car concept –it’s called HoloActive Touch system, which is a free-floating display that responds to gestures from the driver. It’s a development of gesture-controlled technology. This version relies on much simpler gestures and doesn’t require you to touch the control interface. 


Ford Amazon Alexa voice assistant in cars
Ford announced that it will introduce Amazon Alexa voice control system to its cars.
Ford showed its latest version of Fusion Hybrid autonomous development vehicle. The latest model has more processing power than before and improvements to the sensors which mean it is far more aware of its surroundings.

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