Car Care Tips

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Car Care Tips

Just like every other machine even your car needs a bit of a care at times after all that dashing it does around the city for you. Firstly these simple procedures increases the lifespan of your favourite ride and also you can avoid all those unexpected breakdowns which can eat up your valuable time and money of course. Routine maintenance check-ups for your vehicle is something only you can take care of, here are certain Car care tips which you should keep in mind.


Consider the importance of an Oil Change

No other thing will boost your engines lifeline other than clean oil and filter and similarly nothing will knock it down more quickly than a sludgy or low oil. This is among few things which can never be neglected if we are talking about car care.


Give a thought to your Cooling system too

Coolant should be flushed once a year to clear out deposits inside. A 50/50 mix of Coolant and water should be used; distilled water should be used to keep system free from salt deposits and scaling.    


Transmission and Differential oil replacements

These fluids must be changed according to service intervals, Oil of recommended viscosity and type should be taken into account, remember you can never afford a snitch with your transmission first of all its everything which gives your ride that feel and secondly its an expensive job when it comes to your transmission.


Brake Fluid is also there

By nature brake fluid is hygroscopic which means it will attract moisture into it, and as we all know moisture can never be an ally to those metal parts. So it is always instructed to bleed that brake oil once a year and to replace it with some fresh oil. It does not cost anything around the cost of those calipers, hoses and sensors so saving a little on brake fluid can cost you more in the long term. 


Lubrication is really something to keep in mind

A proper lubrication will get you a retirement extension for all your moving parts. Everything moving will just need a proper lubrication to pull off its performance on the mark. Things like Bearings, Ball Joints, U joints etc. will need to be some grease applied on regular service intervals. It is totally inexpensive in comparison to the replacement of the whole component.


Proper car washes once a while

For most of us car washes are a clean and clear looking car, just shimmering and shining. That’s it right? While most of the grime and oozy slush it kept running over will remain stuck under the chassis. Washing off those salts and slimes will prevent your car body from corrosion and deterioration and will eventually extend the lifespan of your vehicle.


Waxing and polishing inside out

For protection and looks an application of some good quality wax and polish to its exterior and interior every six month is usually advised. You must park your vehicle in shade in order to prevent your interior from fading and cracking, or you should use that window deflectors screens.

So follow these tips next time for your car care and you are good to go.





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