BORGWARD BX7 SUV Terrain in The Hottest Days Ahead of the Middle East launch

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BORGWARD BX7 SUV Terrain in The Hottest Days Ahead of the Middle East launch


The BX7 SUV, one of the first new models of the BORGWARD Group AG to be launched in the GCC, has undergone a series of on-the-road testing.


The German brand has just finished its first set of tests in the United Arab Emirates, including the temperature test during the height of summer between August 2 and 12, to measure BX7’s adaptability to the blazing heat. The vehicle even experienced the windless environment at locations like the desert by Al Aweer in strong sunlight.


BX7 has proved its superior engine power and controllability through running in the desert and hills in UAE, during which the iAWD (Intelligent All Wheel Drive) system served as a great support. The combination of BorgWarner’s 5th generation 4WD technology and TRW’s intelligent electronic stability control system makes up for iAWD of BORGWARD. The high quality of top global partners provided guarantee for BX7’s off-road performance, safety and reliability in local conditions.





BX7 has met all the criteria in the tests of static A/C performance, A/C performance when running, mountain climbing and idling performance, in terms of thermal management, warm start at maximum temperature, thermal protection of supercharger, exhaust temperature, coolant, engine oil and engine intake air temperature control.


BX7 has offered A/C performance along with OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) and control system functioning perfectly. BX7’s A/C met no problem whether the engine was in idling or high speed. The outcome presented that upon long and uphill driving, cool cabin temperatures can be maintained with no increased heat or overheating of the engine.


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