BMW Leasing now includes protection cover against loss of employment

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BMW Leasing now includes protection cover against loss of employment

Driving BMW has now become even easier and stress-free as BMW Leasing’s newest offer will allow customers across Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates to drive the all-new BMW 5 Series or the dynamic BMW 4 Series Coupe. The new payment strategy is relieving as the cars are available on low monthly payments without the long-term responsibility of ownership and greater peace of mind.


BMW Albatha Leasing is offering the leasing, a joint venture between BMW Group Financial Services and Albatha Group, the holding company of AGMC – BMW’s authorized dealer in the Middle East.


It is the first premium captive leasing programme in the Middle East and offers customers the opportunity to drive the BMW of their choice and avail a host of benefits that include: no down payment and low monthly installments covering all running costs excluding petrol and Salik.


The new offer now also includes unemployment insurance cover (Takaful) for protection against involuntary loss of employment especially designed for the leasing customers. The unemployment cover will be available for all salaried customers who become unemployed through no fault of their own and meet other eligibility requirements during the duration of the leasing contract. In such case, the customer can continue driving the car for a free period up to 3 months or simply return the car back without any early termination fee applying. This adds more to the flexibility and simplicity of the BMW Leasing Program.


The brand understands that the customer‘s needs are changing so it‘s imperative that brands such as BMW are well-prepared to cater to a different set of demands. Although owning a car is still highly valued in the region, the leasing concept is gaining traction amongst both private and commercial customers. There is an increasing interest in products and services that provide more flexibility and peace of mind. In times of changing economic conditions, leasing helps customers get the vehicle they want in a way that suits their individual lifestyles and budget. With less capital tied up in the car, it offers customers greater freedom and liquidity to invest elsewhere. Essentially, customers are looking for products that are not a headache in the long term, in fact, are BMW Financial Services Middle East has invested in leasing because it supports mobility.


BMW Leasing is the first branded leasing programme by a premium manufacturer in the Middle East. It allows individuals, professionals, and businesses to find alternative and flexible mobility solutions as a reflection of a shifting economic landscape and evolving lifestyles.


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