AutoData Provider of Accurate Vehicle Data In the Middle East Appoints Ian Batey as General Manager

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AutoData Provider of Accurate Vehicle Data In the Middle East Appoints Ian Batey as General Manager

Autodata Middle East is a firm that creates bespoke solutions for clients requiring customised studies, business intelligence reports and market research. With a great in-house team of highly skilled consultants deliver customised software solutions while maintaining quality and data confidentiality. It is one of the leading provider of independent and accurate vehicle data in the UAE and to expand the brand’s presence in the Middle East it has appointed Mr. Batey as its new General Manager. He is tasked with moving the company to its goal of being the premier provider of information and business solutions for the automotive sector and its affiliates – including banks, insurance companies and government bodies.

Autodata Middle East is answering increasing demand for market intelligence and business research in the region’s automotive sector. Autodata started collating and analysing historical automotive data in 2006. Autodata were then acquired by Skelmore Consulting Group in 2013 who have had a Middle East Automotive presence for the last 35 years. This new acquisition gave Autodata real credibility and guaranteed its long-term future in the MENA region. By 2015 Autodata had become the leading data and software solution provider for the automotive, insurance and financial institutions.

The automotive sector is being shaped by the big data that is harnessed and analysed through smart software solutions. Manufacturers and dealerships want access to vehicle data to assess and forecast vehicle performance in certain segments. This allows real total cost of ownership offers for the business user and retail customer.


Reports on variables such as branch performance, margin and gross profit per pre-owned car purchased and then re-sold are in high demand region-wide. In a competitive market and tightening sector, dealerships are also looking at performance and process improvement data – such as staff performance and reconditioning costs for vehicles. In the interim, insurance firms and financial institutions need access to valuation data to craft loan terms and effective policies.


Autodata also delivers management reporting software solutions to manufacturers, distributors, insurance companies, financial institutions and government agencies. The used car market requires variables such as vehicle history and cost of ownership data to determine value. Accurate information helps correct the information asymmetries that can cause inefficiencies in the market. Autodata supplies depreciation information on vehicle makes and models based on supply and demand factors, trends, regulatory changes, lifecycles, mileage and seasonality.


We have an exclusive interview of Ian where he is presenting his views upon the automotive sector and its growth in upcoming years.


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