Audi S5 Coupe: A Perfect Blend of Sportiness and Elegance

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Audi S5 Coupe: A Perfect Blend of Sportiness and Elegance

Audi loves to outdo itself each time it brings a new model to life for its loyal fanbase. Audi S5 coupe 2017 is a beauty and definite eye-catcher each time it will roll on the roads. After bringing S5 sportsback with 3.0L Turbocharged V6 engine having astonishing 354HP, Audi has now bought its Coupe version with same 3.0L Turbo V6 to tackle its German counterparts in a more efficient manner. Other than improved front fascia similar to S5 Sportsback, its High-Tech Interior and Virtual Cockpit are a few alluring features. From 0 to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds, the new Audi S5 Coupé combines elegance with the performance of a sports car. S5 provides the thrill in each second of drive. The sharper S-Line exterior design and the S-Line details in the interior underscore the dynamic character of the Audi two-door sports coupé.

This revised S5 Coupe has design element similar to S5 Sportsback. Its New Single Frame Front Grille, New Matrix LED Headlamps, New LED Rear Tail-Lamps and Quad Chrome Exhaust gives this new Sports Coupe a distinctive feel of freshness. Its S-line highlights and badges uniquely set the difference from A5 Coupe.


Audi_S5_Coupe_Exterior Audi_S5_Coupe_Exterior Audi_S5_Coupe_Exterior


Under the hood, the differences are evolutionary. All new S5 comes with a newly developed 3.0 TFSI, which has an edge of its own with the turbo V6 exhibiting high efficiency, it provides a sports car-like performance with 21 hp more than the previous model and is channeled through Quattro all-wheel drive. It produces 354 hp of power and 500 Nm of torque from its 2,995 cc of displacement and the boosted six-cylinder engine consuming only 7.3 liters of fuel per 100 km. The nearest competition Mercedes – AMG C43 comes with slightly higher horsepower of 367 but both clocks 4.7 seconds for 0 -100 km/h. Certainly, the S5 is fast but a long way from demonstratively noisy. 

Unlike the rest of the A5 range, the S5 uses a conventional eight-speed Tiptronic rather than a seven-speed S tronic dual clutch which is a statement feature for the S5 V6 engine that comes standard with quattro all-wheel drive. For even more dynamic driving and precision, Audi also offers the optional rear-axle sport differential.

Audi has gone with refinement over reinvention. The interior is now benefitted from the increased dimensions and longer wheelbase. Generous space for driver and passengers as the horizontal architecture of the instrument panel and the continuous air vent strip create a wide sense of space. Interior build quality is high without any compromise. High-quality materials such as Nappa Leather S-Line power sports seats in three range of colors provide for the amazing ambiance and underscore the premium character of the mid-sized model. A choice of optional ambient lighting highlights the interior. The in-car electronics have received significant improvements. The MMI (Multi Media Infotainment) infotainment system’s controls are simplified for navigation and audio use.  Its efficient software makes infotainment breezier to navigate. The S5's cabin feels an entire class above BMW's two-door.

Audi_S5_Coupe_Interior Audi_S5_Coupe_Interior Audi_S5_Coupe_Interior


The S5 tracks well and is easy to drive fast. Roads with tight curves and elevation changes aren’t that hard for the S5. Audi S5 features a new suspension damper control which senses and adjust the suspension of vehicle accordingly, and to top it off ,you further have a Audi drive select mode for more individual control. Its transmission is highly responsive and one can feel its responsiveness as soon you even touch the throttle. Driving this car will make you feel thrilled for sure.




All-new Audi S5 Coupe is a great combination of elegance and sportiness with sharper exterior design and beautifully crafted interiors, and with this car Audi has bought its customers a fresh style statement which they usually look for, people who enjoy the performance and enthralls in knowing of the impeccable capabilities his ride holds. Audi S5 coupe is a head-turner and a certain choice of the game changers. Aesthetically, it is classy and from inside it is a passionate beast ready to be unleashed. This car is designed to be enjoyed by the driver every day on every road, don’t have to wait for the weekend drive. Retail price at around AED 277,500 is pricey but not stupid-pricey — you’ll feel well-compensated for your investment.

You cannot say Audi take shortcuts when it comes to materials and finish. Its 3.0L TFSI engine, new Platform, new Quattro Drive and its astonishing interior design all together make a strong call for this new Audi S5, so if you are looking for something fresh, elegant and powerful-it is for you.


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