A New Study Crowned Hyundai IONIQ Electric Best Value Among Electric Cars

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A New Study Crowned Hyundai IONIQ Electric Best Value Among Electric Cars

According to a new survey, conducted by German car magazine Auto Bild and market intelligence consultancy Eurotax Schwacke - The Hyundai IONIQ Electric has been crowned as ‘best value’ for electric cars.


Exceptional Results by the Car

It is a proud moment for the Hyundai to be crowned “Wertmeister 2017” – or ‘value champion’.  Hyundai IONIQ Electric won the accolade by exhibiting an impressive 60.65 percent of its projected residual value after four years, based on an annual mileage of 10,000 kilometers.

The car outdid itself by offering the best warranty, a great driving range, and new safety and connectivity features at a very competitive price, which puts true meaning to the statement e-mobility without compromises.




Expected Upcoming Models

Doubling up the celebration for Hyundai, the IONIQ Hybrid also got listed among cars that stick to their values best. Hyundai Motor’s initiative towards global sustainability that encompasses the launch of 14 new eco models by the year 2020 is the vision behind IONIQ, also including five hybrid vehicles, four plug-in hybrid vehicles, four electric vehicles and one fuel-cell electric vehicle.


The world’s first car to have three electrified powertrains – Hybrid, Plug-in, and Electric – the Hyundai IONIQ comes with a comprehensive five-year unlimited mileage warranty. This applies to all vehicles acquired at authorised Hyundai dealers and even includes an eight-year or 200,000-kilometer warranty for the car’s valuable high-voltage battery.




For the Middle East Market

Electric cars are the future and the consumer base is driven by the want of owning one. The Korean automaker understands the strong demand for electric cars by the Middle East customers, that is why Hyundai IONIQ provides an ‘eco car’ that doubles as a financially-sound purchase. Hyundai is committed to supporting sustainable motoring, with the IONIQ’s tailored powertrains ideal for the diverse needs of Middle East markets and customer preferences.

After the launch of the IONIQ Hybrid and Electric last year, the line-up will be completed by the arrival of the IONIQ Plug-in this summer.


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