2017 Nissan Patrol Super Safari : Ultimate Beast for a Thrilling Off-Road Drive

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2017 Nissan Patrol Super Safari : Ultimate Beast for a Thrilling Off-Road Drive


UAE is a land of deserts in its arms, which calls for dune-bashing and off-road activities. No wonder SUV’s are hugely preferred in this region, one may spot SUV’s in all segments and brands zooming down the roads of the country. SUV’s are practical, comfy and hugely convenient, but the Nissan Super Safari is for the ones who desire for a high-end off-road experience. The pleasure and excitement that this beast provides are unbeatable. The car has a strong stance depicted by chrome accents on door handles, mirror, and predominantly OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) stickers around the car. Soft touch material on the door that provides for nice feel while entering the car.




It’s a rough and tough giant with a mean look, that is ready to withstand the harsh attitude of the terrain and weather and still stand strong. With17-inch alloy black wheels, dual tone body color with Super Safari body stripes, give away the image of a rebel. An electric-powered winch, integrated with the front bumper, for when an emergency falls it saves the day. Also, the newly designed pintle hook is useful for towing disabled vehicles and helping them in tough conditions.



Interior is graced by tan leather on the seat and wood on the sides of the door which highlight the high-end beautification and comfort for good drives. The features take care of your back with 8-way power seats for driver and 4 way for the passenger while the rages in through the rough terrain. A cool box to keep your refreshments chilled helping to beat the outside hot climate. While the sun shines sharp and bright the unbothered riders relax. Also, the manual front & rear A/C adds to the pleasure and keeps you unaffected by the rising temperature.  




The engine boasts a 4.8 L, 6-Cylinder DOHC (Dual-OverHead Camshaft) Engine. The Maximum power 280 HP and maximum Torque 451 Nm for better displacement,  and a 5-speed Automatic transmission with manual mode. The main powerhouse of the car is the efficient and powerful engine. The power ensemble is the proud heritage of the SUV that is comprised of power, determination, and strength. The car turns every trip into a fun ride, with a 4x4 drive to a heavy duty suspension and tough tyres and wheels, the consumers can take the Nissan Safari where other don’t dare to go.

Comfort and Convenience

Superior off-road performance is assured by the higher angle of approach, departure, and ramp clearance angles is an outstanding feature for the 2017 Nissan Super Safari. The best part is a huge fuel tank with main Fuel tank 95L and 40L subtank so that you barely run out of fuel even after a rigorous long drive.

Also, the car has the great ability to handle inclines of up to 39 degrees with improved gradeability that helps keep Nissan Safari in its place. The drive modes and differential lock are other things to brag about, you can directly shift from 2WD to 4WD on the go.

Choose high ratio for slippery sand or mud low ratio for treacherous terrain and really steep climbs and descents. Get the maximum grip by locking the rear differential to distribute torque equally between the rear wheels. And when it gets really rough, manually lock the front hubs for total peace of mind.

There are front and rear parking sensors with rear view camera so that you are guarded against potential damage during parking.

Then there is Cruise Control for when you are returning back from a session of intense dune bashing, you can just sit and relax while on the highway.


We love the car due to a lot of reasons, first one being that it makes up for a great outing in the expanse of a desert. It is not a car, it is a cult for the followers to be devoted to, it hauls its consumer base for its roadie image. Keeping you protected at all times and circumstances, so that you enjoy most of your outing adventure.


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