2017 Dakar Rally: World’s Toughest Rally is back

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2017 Dakar Rally: World’s Toughest Rally is back

500 participants are ready to face the biggest challenge of their life; this race is considered not to be for faint hearted people. As just completing the race is considered an achievement. We are talking about The Most Brutal Race on the Earth as said by people. It is called Dakar Rally. The name, this race got from Capital of Senegal, which is Dakar. During late 70s, this race starts from Paris and used to end in Dakar. It was during 2009 that they moved this race to South America. Competitors used to face most challenging terrains of the world.

The Track includes Dirt, Stone, Sand, Boulders and everything you can imagine in the most brutal race of the world. 2017 Dakar Rally is taking place in South American countries of Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina form 2-14th January. This race starts from Capital of Paraguay, Asunción which is the 29th addition to the host list to stage this legendary event, and then goes through the dirt track including some cities in Argentina, Bolivia and finally the race ends in Capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. The race not just depends on the driver’s passion about racing but also on the reliability of vehicles, they are driving. The length of the track is some mindboggling 5600 miles and goes through some toughest condition Mother Nature can give to us. The result is going to arrive on 14th January and as you are reading this, the race is still on. Meanwhile, the first stage is completed and results for various categories are as follows:

Winner List (First Stage)


Stay tuned for more updates on event,

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