10 Driving habits that can damage your Car

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10 Driving habits that can damage your Car

We all know how to take good care of our car, Service routines, Filter changes, even a good Wax and Polish job, everything whatsoever needed to increase the life span of your ride, but do we know some of our day to day habits are also having an impact on the health of our car, some of these habits we are ignorant upon are badly affecting our vehicle despite of following all check-ups and maintenance routines. Even the most cautious people practice things which cause damage to the car and can cost heavily in terms of repairs and restorations.

Here are some examples of inferior handling which can cost us in future.

  • Shifting to Drive mode from Reverse without complete stoppage of wheels-

It is a common practice specially being followed by most of the young drivers, people just love to hit gas pedals just after reversing your car out of a close fitted parking spot before even car could stop. This practice put a lot of strain on the drivetrain of your vehicle due to a sudden opposite force. Just take a few seconds and wait for it to stop completely before you go.


  • Keeping small portion of fuel in your fuel tank-

Like any other budget friendly decision, many people don’t usually go for a full tank pour for their vehicle, they just take a few gallons at a time. But what if I tell you this practice might cost you much more in future, by doing this you are deteriorating the life of your fuel pump as modern fuel pump are cooled by fuel itself, they are submerged into fuel which act as a coolant. Having small portion can lead to heat build-up which can erode or even damage your pump. You need your tank to be filled at least one fourth of its capacity to prevent such case.


  • Overhauling is not cool at all-

Most of us don’t really care what extra stuff we are travelling with, unless we need that stuff or we need to clear out the space for other stuff. When I say this, most of you will say- Some more fuel that’s it, so what we can do that. No Sir, what if I tell you overhauling effects many more things other than just your fuel efficiency, from suspension to brakes, from drivetrain to tires everything. So next time when you go out for picnic please do remember clearing your cargo space afterwards.


  • Keep your hands off the shifting Knob-

Most of you will agree upon this, that even the best of us use this gear shift knob as a hand rest, by doing this you are simply putting weight on your transmission bushings and need not to say it will damage the thing eventually. Your both hands are supposed to be placed on the steering wheels, suggesting only to touch shifters when required.


  • Parking Brakes are supposed to be used when you park your Car-

Except this we don’t really use this thing when we park our car, there is a reason why it is there and why it is called parking brakes. By not using Parking brakes you are putting all of your vehicles weight on the parking pawl, which is just a metal component. This can even lead to damage or even you can lose your parking pawl, which will eventually make your “P” mark exactly good for nothing. So just use them whenever you park.


  • Warm up your engine for a while before you go-

Like they always say a little warmup is important before you start running, same applies for your car engine, it will perform smoothly and will sound better once get all warmed up. Hitting gas pedals as soon as we start our engine is a common thing, we just can’t resist it but surely it causes abrupt temperature change across your engine and even cause damage to the components which haven’t received oil yet. Waiting for few minutes before you go will always keep your engine healthy, and yeah you can now thank your Wife, Family and Friends to keep you waiting.


  • Sudden Stops and Quick Starts are a serious No No-

We all have done that once in a lifetime, it seems like fun to start with a full throttle, that rubber screech and engine music, amazing right? But that can be a serious threat to your vehicle’s fuel economy and Tyres plus you are putting more pressure to the system unnecessary, and more than this sudden stops, we know sometimes it is required but if you are doing this for fun, you are ruining your brake pads and rotors. Easy handling of brakes and accelerators is always advised.


  • Holding brakes driving down the slope-

It’s always seems more effective to keep pressing your brakes a bit while coming down from a shopping mall parking slope or hill road or anything, it seems easier as we can suddenly press it completely whenever needed. But this traction is causing heat build-up and straining in your braking mechanism and can even lead to its damage. You can use a lower gear to deal with speed but using braking system is not suggested at all.


  • Even Clutch has the same story-

For Manual Car Owners, at traffic jams, at signal crossing, and where not we love to wait by holding that clutch pedal down so we can just start as soon as possible, but what if I tell you by doing that you have just damaged your pressure plate, bearings and Release mechanism. Always take your gear to the rest and your clutch too.


  • Put some attention to warning signals too-

Every vehicle shows a little signage before a major breakdown, like some noise, vibrations, or unresponsiveness sometimes. Overlooking these signals might lead to some major hardship for your vehicle. It’s better to look for the issue right then by yourself or get it checked by someone else in order to avoid future troubles.

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